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Hi ! 




July 2021.


Ismaël enters ICU services at Lyon Sud Hospital following excruciating abdominal pain.


​Crohn's disease is diagnosed 2 weeks later, and an externalised digestive system is being installed on Ismaël.

He's then prescribed a lifetime treatment.  


A month after those events, during a conversation between him and Gaultier, several question occurs.

One of these questions would resonate as the turning point in both their life :


"If you could grabe a drink with anyone of your choice, who would it be ?"​


At this point, it couldn't be possible to know with certainty if this person or the next would be available today, tomorrow or the after, to grab a drink, eat something or simply take a walk.

So, without losing more time, we decided to develop this app.  


And to make things easier for everyone eager to make real encounters.  ​


Here's where Middle came from.


It's now possible to send a date request to anyone of your choice, whenever you want, in just one click. 


Take a step further, and sign in.​

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