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Our team

Ismael, 27 years old.
The story behind the idea.

Solar and extroverted, he is the one whose medical background made it possible to give birth to the idea of Middle.

He is also an outstanding salesman, who obviously knows someone who knows someone, who you might know.

And thanks to his strength of persuasion and his energy, those you don't yet know, it's on Middle that you will meet them.

His interests : Video games / Anime / Doing the same things as here but in other countries
Her outing preferences: As long as there's a dance floor, it's good.

Guillaume, 27 ans.
Tech and shoulders

Without Guillaume, Middle would have remained at the stage of Powerpoint slides for a long time .

In addition to actively participating in the overall improvement of the concept through his comments and his pragmatic outlook, Guillaume allows the different functionalities to simply come to life.

His interests: Pushing heavy things / AS Monaco / Photographing his beagle
His favorite outings: With lots of people and repetitive music.

Gaultier, 30 years old.
A cult plan.

A dreamer armed with a plan, his creativity pushes him to imagine schemes and concepts that (sometimes) hit the mark.

A methodical and stubborn strategist, legend has it that he now has a brain shaped like an hourglass.

His interests: Pushing things (even) heavier / Numbers / Music
His outing preferences: As long as he's asleep at midnight, it's fine.

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